Captain 0 is the hero of the UnAnything Wiki, however... He's the Anything Wiki's antagonist and fighting against the Anything Team to take over the MirrorUnCyc. He and the UnAnything Team always plan to take over less stricter wikis and rule the MirrorUnCyc and the world. His plans is to defeat Captain 1 because he's better than him. He also hates low quality articles, spam, and vandalism and also hates everyone. He likes the UnAnything Team better than everyone. He gave a promotion and made DaTenthGate an administrator after by destroying the MirrorUnCyc's articles. Captain 0 is a zero, not a hero of the MirrorUnCyc

Trivia Edit

  • He also has hopes and dreams to strangle Captain 1
  • His home is also UnAnything Headquarters
Captain 0

Oh no! It's him!