Captain 1 is the UnAnything Wiki's main villain. He's also a minor hero of the Anything Wiki. His rival is Captain 0, a minor hero and mascot of the Anything Wiki. His friend is This is Bob

How Captain 1 became good Edit

Captain 1 felt tired of being evil, until God created the Anythingverse to help him became a hero. So Captain 1 started to feel a personal opposition that the UnAnything Wiki is strictly evil and called innocent people vandals, spammers, and retards and banished them. Captain 1 started to join the Anything Wiki to document the Anythingverse and stop Captain 0 and the UnAnything Team from taking over the world, less strict wikis, and the MirrorUnCyc. He moved from the UnUniverse to the Anythingverse as a new home. He also started on a new leaf and decided to like nice memes and YTPs and also MLG videos. He started to join MirrorUnCyc and protect it from the UnAnything Team's evil plans

Trivia Edit

  • He is also immune to Weegee's Stare, the Weegee Virus, inators' rays, and Mutagen from the Kraang
Captain 1

It's Captain 1! OMG!