Thinknoodles is a Minecraft YouTuber. He was famous in Minecraft, however became infamous in Club Penguin that he missed a lot of Club Penguin parties that he also did not make so many walkthroughs for his Club Penguin account. He also made walkthroughs with Poptropica, Webkinz (formerly), Animal Jam (formerly when got suspended from Animal Jam due to their account filter), Roblox, and others.

List of Club Penguin Events that Thinknoodles miss Edit

  • Frozen Party Because both Kopi’s photoshot and a Google update
  • School and Skate Party
  • Halloween Party (2014)
  • Pirate Party
  • Merry Walrus Party (But get some items and adopt a blue crystal puffle)
  • Star Wars Rebel Party
  • Sound Studio Party
  • Puffle Party
  • Frozen Fever Party
  • The Fair
  • Fashion Festival Party
  • Descendants Party
  • Finding Dory
  • Frozen Fever Party (2016)
  • And…....The Club Penguin 10th Anniversary and Halloween Party!

List of complaints that Thinknoodles made Edit

  • Very busy and packing up for Moving Day
  • Getting stuck in traffic
  • Someone brings 2 dozen robots
  • Going on vacation
  • Google update problems
  • Giving Kopi a photoshot
  • Having audio and on-air problems
  • Problems in Clubpenguin including connection problems, timeouts, including website crashes, bugs, and poor quality
  • Network nightmares, issues and problems
  • No live stream
  • Having computer problems
  • Being late
  • Wasting time
  • Being desperate
  • His second account got suspended
  • Being lazy to make Club Penguin, Clothing and Furniture Catalogs, Party and Event Walkthroughs
  • Having malwares and computer viruses (That means you Live Security Platinum)
  • He is through (angry, done, finished, out of business, and no longer) with Club Penguin
  • He also lacked his new game Club Penguin Island and his 7 day trial of membership expired

End of discussion Edit

So Thinknoodles is desperate and slow-witted that he missed the following parties (...almost) and didn’t make walkthroughs in Club Penguin. So his Club Penguin account and his abandoned ThinknoodlesToo YouTube channel became an future YouTube Poop source after Think’s Club Penguin self betrayed him. He'd dumped and quitted his Club Penguin account until pre-register his account again for Club Penguin Island. He'd became YouTube Poop’s most wanted character and victim in March 2017 after Club Penguin closes and now, his Club Penguin gameplays became as future sources of Youtube Poop.