The Undefeatable Sword is a powerful sword that only gave powers to a chosen one who is a true hero, an optimist, an helper, or even a good and happy person and wanted to make every good individual a true hero, However, it also zaps a person that who was a villain, dictator, or a most naughty person, or a grouchy person and made them queasy when in risk, or in the bad or wrong hands. Its power level is also OVER 9000!

The UnDefeatable Sword

List of things how to make the UnDefeatable Sword Edit

  • 4 Battleballs (1 blue, green, red, and purple)
  • Rainbow Drops
  • Heart Stars
  • Crystal Shards
  • Golden Eggs
  • Crystals
  • Gems
  • Time Relics
  • Golden Fruit
  • Any Sword
  • Dimension Stars
  • Universe Crystals